When Americans work hard and play by the rules, they should be rewarded with a thriving economy and inclusive prosperity. That isn’t true for too many right now, but it can be if we all do our part to invest in individuals and communities to prepare every American for the changing economy.


Real economic opportunity in every community

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the drivers of inclusive economic prosperity in America. We need to ensure that folks have the tools they need to pursue their economic dreams.


A health care system that provides every American with access to affordable, quality care.

This goal is not a partisan one. Our leaders need to be open-minded and data driven about how we’ll get there.

Women's Health

Keeping the government out of a woman’s health decisions.

My wife Emily is an OB-GYN. She’s with women on the best day of their lives, and sometimes on the worst. I’ll do everything I can to make sure the federal government doesn’t dictate decisions to her patients.



Schools that prepare all students for success in the 21st century.

Public education was the great equalizer for me. My high school chemistry teacher, Mrs. Susan Smith, literally changed my life. Every child deserves a great school and a Mrs. Smith in their life.


Energy solutions that preserve Virginia’s natural beauty, build a stronger economic base, and lead to true energy independence.

The dangers of a changing climate are real and frightening, but we don’t fear the future in America, we build it. Let’s find innovative ways to address climate change that promote economic growth and enhance national security.


Treating every American with dignity and respect.

Too many people are being written off across the country right now for no good reason. How far you go in America should be determined by how hard you’re willing to work, not by the color of your skin, whom you love, what God you worship, or where you’re from.


Making our government more efficient and responsible to the people.

No American wants their hard-earned tax dollars wasted, and every American wants to have a real voice in electing their officials. I will work in Congress to ensure both.


Restoring a sense of service to Congress.

In the Marine Corps, we all served the same mission, and we had to come together to achieve it, regardless of our race, religion, or hometown. There’s no reason our leaders in Congress shouldn’t be held to the same standard.