My name is Roger Dean Huffstetler. Most people call me RD.  My wife and I live in Charlottesville with our daughter, Alice Sue. Emily works as an OB-GYN at Martha Jefferson Hospital. We love being in a small town with great college sports and try to never miss a farmers market downtown on Saturdays. I’m a Democrat who’s running to represent Virginia’s Fifth District in Congress because the challenges facing our nation require a new generation of leaders to solve them and help pave the way for future generations.

I was born in the Gaston County Hospital in North Carolina and raised in a blue collar family where everyone worked with their hands. Some of my fondest childhood memories are going to the bottoms with my father to feed the cows and chop wood. Times weren’t always easy growing up - both of my parents struggled with addiction. However, with the help of public schools, outstanding mentors, and scholarships, I was able to graduate from the University of West Georgia. I later served my country as a U.S. Marine, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. When I came home, I attended Harvard Business School with the help of the GI Bill and worked in the private sector, eventually helping to lead a technology startup.

I’ve grown increasingly disheartened by our politics in recent years. Too many of us have come to see those we disagree with as the enemy. We’re beginning to lose sight of the fact that, at our core, we all want the same thing: a chance to work hard and provide our children with a better life than our own. That’s my family’s story, and it’s this country’s story as well.

Folks don’t want their leaders in Congress playing political games. They want them working together to build an inclusive, accessible economy. That’s why fostering real economic opportunity in every community of the Fifth District will be my number one priority in this campaign and in Congress. At its core, this campaign is about you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch via Facebook or Twitter and let me know what you’re concerned about these days. Thanks so much, and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.



Roger Dean Huffstetler

“The challenges facing our nation require a new generation of leaders to solve them.”
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