My Core Values

We added a new ‘Values’ section to our website recently, where the core values of our campaign are laid out:


We are motivated by a desire to serve others, and as such, we believe in a moral obligation to do our part to solve problems and improve the lives of all citizens. 


We will take the time necessary to listen, hear, and process what the citizens of the Fifth District have to say. We will do so with an open mind, knowing that there is often not just one right answer to the complex problems we face.


We pledge to dedicate ourselves fully to the goals we seek to accomplish. Our communities face steep challenges, and the people of the Fifth District deserve leaders who will continuously engage until real solutions have been delivered.

I wanted to share a bit about the process of how we settled on these three values.  Over the past several months, my team and I participated in several values discussions with the help of my wife Emily and several close friends. We talked about why we all made the decision to join the campaign, what values we hope to embody, and what strategies we can use to always aspire to hold up these values. We started with a broad list and worked over the course of several sessions to narrow it down. I wanted a small set because I believe an organization’s values begin to lose meaning when they, in an attempt to please everyone, become too wide-ranging. 

The three values that I ultimately settled on encapsulate the person, candidate, and congressman that I aspire to be. They are my personal values, but because an organization is the extension of its leader, they are those of my campaign as well. No one is perfect, but you should expect them to be displayed by myself and my team. I ask that you help keep me honest, so if you think that my team and I are failing to live up to them, you should reach out and let us know.

Our campaign is off to a strong start, but we still have a long road ahead of us. I look forward to sharing more about what drives me as we move forward.