Letter to my Dad, an NRA Member: Why I Support a Ban on the Purchase of Assault Weapons

Letter to my Dad, an NRA Member: Why I Support a Ban on the Purchase of Assault Weapons

It’s a different world we are living in today. I’ve done my homework, and I truly believe in my heart that supporting an assault weapons ban — one that prevents the purchase of these weapons of war — is the right thing to do. We cannot continue to permit the sale of a weapon that has been used time and time again to massacre children in their schools and worshipers in their sanctuaries

My Core Values

The three values that I ultimately settled on encapsulate the person, candidate, and congressman that I aspire to be. They are my personal values, but because an organization is the extension of its leader, they are those of my campaign as well. No one is perfect, but you should expect them to be displayed by myself and my team.

Why I’m Running for Congress

Like a lot of folks in the commonwealth, last November’s election was a wakeup call for me. When did America begin to feel like two separate countries, each with its own heroes, news outlets, and, occasionally, facts? Why do many of us seem to see our political opponents as our enemies? And when did pitting American against American become a successful political strategy? I knew I needed to do something, so I decided to run for Congress in Virginia’s 5th District.

Mama Sue and America's Greatness

But what I’m struggling with is simply dismissing Mama Sue because of who she votes for, instead of honoring and learning from her. A person is not who they vote for. That narrow world view is exactly the country Trump is trying to create: one where what separates us is more important than what connects us.

Contrary to Trump’s myopic focus on winning, American greatness is not found only in our victories. American greatness is the enduring pursuit of a more perfect union — together.

A Marine silent no longer in his support for gay marriage

We don’t need to look backward for a chance to stand up for principles. Life isn’t about always being right — I was wrong for a long time — but about learning from mistakes and making amends. So I started with those conversations and writing about the effect these two men had on me, about how someone raised a Southern Baptist can love everyone equally and can advocate marriage equality.