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I’m Roger Dean (RD) Huffstetler, and I’m running to represent our community in Congress because the challenges facing our nation—and the fifth congressional district—require a new generation of leaders to solve them.

My dad grew up on a farm, and some of my fondest memories are going to the bottoms with him to feed the cows and chop wood. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t have the luxury of going to college, but with the help of a great public school system, a great group of friends and mentors, and scholarships like the GI Bill, I was able to attend college and graduate school.

I was raised in a family where everyone worked with their hands, and I served this country both here and overseas as a U.S. Marine. But my story is not unique, and my values are not uncommon; we all share the same love and dedication to this great nation. When Americans play by the rules and work hard, they should be rewarded with a thriving economy and inclusive prosperity. This hasn’t been true in the last few decades, but it can be if we all do our part to invest in individuals and communities to prepare all Americans for the changing economy.

I don’t believe it’s time to give up on our country; it’s time to step up. In America, we never fear the future—we build it.

Semper Fi,


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